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Persian is a language almost as beautiful as its region of origin. It is intended to serve as a freetoaccess, comprehensive, aid to english speakers worldwide who want to learn persian. Easy persian offers free lessons in persian or farsi as spoken in iran. If persian vocabulary is the bricks of the language, then grammar is the mortar that holds those bricks together. Your persian learning journey begins here if you just started learning persian language, you first need to know some basic rules of the language. See more ideas about learn farsi, persian language and learn persian. The persian language is a inflectional sov language with a relatively fixed word order, belonging to the western. There are hundreds of free lessons on easy persian. Persian sounds and script from the outset, you will enhance your ability to learn the language and make your future interaction with the language more. Learn farsi, pdf, learning, poster, studying, posters, teaching.

Learn the persian language in urdu, jadeed modern fari grammar this book written by muhammad nazeer rangha this is a persian language grammar course book in the urdu language for urdu students. Table of contents persian grammar free online lessons. A morphological lexicon for the persian language virtual building 8. Persian is a very poetic, soft and songlike language and has been described as one of the most beautiful languages of the world. Farsi alphabet, also called persian letters which help you pronounce the words in a given language, you will also learn about the different consonants and vowels. Farsi persian alphabet this page contains a table including the following. First time visitors might want to read the getting started page. An introduction to the persian language persian language online. Farsi language resources language links database the. Translation of the meaning of the noble quran in the persian farsi language hq texts.

Learn farsi through urdu series of lessons are produced by nihal uddin usmani of orient language lab, river view apartment, tilak marg, lucknow226001. Furthermore, as we learn more about persian, we realize that this distinction is essential for writing persian as well. Unique, poetic and influential, persian opens the door to one of the most distinctive middle eastern cultures. Erik anonbys phonology of lurmamasani begins with syllable structure and also includes the analysis of ambiguous segments and the reasons for one analysis over another. Persian is an indoeuropean language and therefore speakers of. Farsi alphabet learn farsi farsi pronunciation farsi. Farsi language persian grammar book in urdu pdf free download. We know how frustrating it is to find good resources to learn and teach the persian language. In persian only the long vowels, in this case a, are written using a letter. Persian language online is an internet resource supported by the iran heritage foundation. This would be a good model to follow for a more complete phonological description. Learning persian wont just enhance your travels within the persian speaking world and its global diaspora, as it has done for me.

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