Driver cv axle on 2008 focus

Ford focus st axle shafts, direct fit fwd drivetrain. Next, the cv joint can be removed by placing a screwdriver between the. If you are not mechanically minded and have to get it done by a mechanic it is probably worth replacing both of the axles on the side that is damaged and replacing the entire part as this saves you having further labor charges down the line when the other axle eventually wears out. Front driver side cv axle shaft for ford focus 20002011 automatic transmission. Step 1 break the lug nuts loose on the wheel with the drive axle you want to replace. With autozones cv axle, you wont feel vibrations in your focus and you can focus on the road. The boots or other assemblies on cv axles for frontwheel drive cars can go bad, lose grease, develop holes, or leak. Bring your drivetrain back to full function with the sturdy, premium build and superior quality assurance offered by dss oe replacement axle assemblies.

Torque spec for front halfshaft nut focus fanatics forum. How do you replace the cv axle on ford focus answers. Does anyone know what size impact socket i need to fit the front axle nut. This item gsp ncv10235 cv axle shaft assembly left front driver side gsp ncv10232 cv axle shaft assembly right front passenger side detroit axle pair 2 front cv axle drive shafts assembly for 19972011 buick chevrolet oldsmobile pontiac models see fitment. You can count on making a thorough, cost effective repair on your ford focus when you use our affordable, oe quality steering knuckles, spindles, and components. Cardone has extensive experience in testing and engineering cv drive axles they have spent over two decades analyzing materials and processes to arrive at a superior, longerlasting. I replaced the driver side cv axle and the seal into the transmission. Our loanatool program allows you to borrow any specialty tools you need to work on your own repairs and installation. Front driver side 6 front, driver side 1 front driver and passenger side 1 shop by series. In order to keep your car running properly you must sometimes change them out. Great savings free delivery collection on many items. Grease coming out of a small crack or tear is the early sign of the cv joint boot failing.

Only unseat the clip from the axle, then use a prybar to pull it the rest of the way out. For 20002011 ford focus cv axle assembly front right gsp 63412tp 2002 2010 2007 fits. Buy complete front driver side cv axle shaft ford focus 20002009 automatic. Rockauto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Find stock replacements and upgrades for frontaxle and rearaxle applications. These boots are called cv boots and protect the cv constant velocity joint from damage. Also replaced front rotors, pads, and clips on both sides. Order cv half shaft for your 2008 ford focus and pick it up in storemake your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Axles dont usually break, but the joints on the axles will fail occasionally. Diversified shaft solutions dss is an aftermarket leader that specializes in topoftheline oe replacement cv axles and driveshafts.

Service type axle cv shaft assembly driver side front replacement. Our loanatool program allows you to borrow any specialty tools you need to. Cv axles serve as the final link between the engine and the wheels. Get the best deals on axle parts for 2008 ford focus when you shop the largest online selection at. On some vehicles, the cv joint isnt separate and the entire cv axle needs to be replaced. Online shopping forum for driver side cv axle and driver side cv axle accessories from a great selection on ebay. This means that the transmission is positioned so that the length of the transmission is parallel to the firewall. Cv drive axle, driver side front, replacement, ford, each not yet. This also means that the drive shafts are in the front of the vehicle. It is commonly used in frontwheeldrive systems, but can also be found on allwheeldrive, and even some rearwheeldrive vehicles with independent suspensions. I just bought 2 new cv drive axle shafts from mac auto parts and i am now wondering if that was a poor choice as i am about to put a 2 to 2. These cv axles have a six balls inside a cv joint that acts as a universal that allows extreme movement while delivering smooth rotational energy. When throwout bearing was replaced by dealer, one of the cv axles was damaged, a differential seal was ruptured, and the carrier bearing shield was not reinstalled. If you suspect that one or more of your cv axle shafts may be having a problem, contact a technician to inspect the vehicle.

The ford focus is a frontwheel drive car that uses a transversetype transmission. Gsp ncv10235 cv axle shaft assembly left front driver side. Great deals from detroit axle in axles ebay stores. Put the emergency brake on and jack up the car using the front jack point.

Cv axles are different from the straight axles of old, where a pair of rods ran through a cylindrical tube, connected on one end to a gear box differential, and, on the other end, to the wheel hub. Just disassemble your factory axles and replace the factory axle bars with our heavy duty chromoly axle bars. Shafts free delivery possible on eligible purchases. With our fitment finder you will be able to order the correct wheel hub bearing assembly with ease.

Front driver side cv axle shaft assembly for 2000 2008 2009 2010 2011 ford focus. Click the notify me button below to be notified when it is available. This is an original used oem axle shaft, driver side thats guaranteed to fit a 2008 ford focus with the applicable vehicle manufacturers specifications. Ford focus cv axle shaft assembly replacement costs. Another symptom of a problem with the cv axle shafts is grease on the inside edge of the tire or along the underside of the vehicle. This is the optimum sliding joint for the drive shaft, of which such high performance is demanded, it is attracting attention as a constant velocity joint offering the solution to.

A cv axle assembly is a drivetrain component on a vehicle that delivers power from the transmission to the wheel. I started getting noises while turning from the left one so i went ahead and got a new one and replaced it. New cv axle shaft from 1a auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace broken, worn, or vibrating cv. Complete front driver side cv axle shaft ford focus 2000. Heavy duty drive axle set, focus st focus rs ra8296x4. How to replace driver side cv axle shaft 0209 toyota. A drive axle connects the transaxle assembly of the ford focus to the drive wheels.

Cv drive axle measurements are validated after assembly to ensure a proper fit highquality grease withstands hightemperature and hightorque demands to ensure longlasting, reliable performance neoprene boots are designed with additional bellows, when needed, to resist bellow stress and cracking, which is the leading cause of boot failure. If your vehicle is making clicking noises at lower speeds or when making turns, it may be time to replace your cv axles with our 100% brand new assemblies. Our products are manufactured in iso 9000 9001 9002 certified facilities. Put a jack stand under each of the front pinch welds and lower the focus. The cv shaft includes cv joints on both ends that allow it to rotate without binding even as the suspension moves or the vehicle turns. Detroit axle wheel bearings are manufactured to exceed original equipment standards.

How to replace a ford focus drive axle it still runs. Pair front cv axle shaft for ford focus 0611 manual transmission. This, in turn, causes the joint to grind and the drive shaft to fail. Ford focus 2008, front driver side or passenger side sway bar bushing by febi. When the boot fails, the grease leaks out, and the joint dries out. The cv axle assembly features joints at each end of a short shaft that move to accommodate the many angles it faces as part of a front wheel drive.

Cv axles not axels, for the love of god arent too bad to replace, just make sure you have the correct size socket for the axle nut, and a torque wrench to retorque the control arm, sway bar end link, and outer tie rod hardware. Replacing a cv axle will take about an hour all front wheel drive and independent rear suspension cars utilize a cv axle to deliver power from the engine to the wheels. A torn or cracked cv boot will leak grease that ends up tossed around while the axle turns. One end is connected to the transaxle and the other is connected to the wheel hub assembly. The axle itself is nothing more than a shaft with two flexible joints on either end. Cardone cv axle shaft front left 1pc for 2002 ford focus base,dohc,manual trans. They serve the important function of transferring the torque from the drivetrain to the vehicles wheels in order to move the vehicle.

We are a leading supplier of ride control products to oe vehicle manufacturers nationwide, that expertise translates to detroit axles oequality aftermarket. Symptoms of a bad or failing axle cv shaft assembly. I have taken off the wheel, removed the axle nut, loosened the three strut mounting nuts five turns, and used a puller to press out the driveaxle out of the hub. I recently saw that devinsixtyseven said that aftermarket cv axle joints dont angle as far as the oem inner joints. After a couple of months oil was leaking from the seal. Also, the front suspension creaks when you push down on the front end, or go slowly. How to replace drivers side axle 0011 ford focus duration. The focus of production is on axles and offroad driveline technology and commercial vehicle. When i was removing the hubaxle assembly i was able to just push the axle through the hub like it wasnt pressed in and also i was able to just freely pull the shaft out of the transmission.

The cv shaft on a front or fourwheel drive vehicle transfers power from the transaxle to the hubs. Put a jack stand under each of the front pinch welds and lower the focus onto the stands. The 2008 ford focus has 11 problems reported for clunking noise. Cv joints for ford focus for sale shop with afterpay ebay. Ford focus axle cv shaft assembly replacement driver side front oceanside, california first time using your mechanic, trevor was on time, got the job done fast and did a great job. When i was removing the hub axle assembly i was able to just push the axle through the hub like it wasnt pressed in and also i was able to. Front cv axle drive shafts for 2008 2009 20102012 honda accord v6 wauto trans. A leaky boot will eventually lead to cv joint failure, as dirt and debris will get into the boot and damage the joint. How to replace drivers side axle 0011 ford focus youtube.

Find stock replacements and upgrades for front axle and rear axle applications. Toyota camry highlander solara front driver side cv axle shaft a1 cardone 665245 how to replace alternator 0004 ford focus watch this video to learn how to fix battery charging problems. Both cv axles, both differential seals, and the shield were replaced. The driveshaft shop axle bar upgrades are designed as a less expensive alternative to complete axles for certain awd and rwd applications. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 2286 ford models in thornton. Front driver side cv axle shaft assembly for 20002008. Online prices and sale effective dates may differ from those instore and may vary by region. Rear wheel bearing 2000 2008 ford focus detroit axle. Splines chased 100% guarantees proper installation of axle into mating hub and transmission eliminating installation hassle. Cv axles are designed to transmit the power from your vehicles drivetrain to the wheels while being able to flex and pivot to the demands of the steering and suspension systems. I just changed my right axle and i have a new noise that is obviously related to the output of the trans. My car was not drive able so having this mobile mechanic service was perfect. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 2300 ford models in broomfield. Since then it has popped out from the transaxle twice leaving me stranded.

A must for high power focus st and focus rs, drive shaft shop axles will perform in motorsport conditions, order today at mountune. Zf has been represented in india with joint ventures and license partnerships for over three decades. The cv joint in a 2000 kia sportage can be replace by roving the tires, axle nuts, and the knuckle bolts on the struts. How to troubleshoot a ford focus drive shaft it still runs. I thought i might have overtightened the nut and was hearing a wheel bearing that was squeezed too much.

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